Rothschild in charge of Jaeger?

24 Feb

Owner of Jaeger, the premium retailer has appointed an investment banking group RotWhatever to consider Jaeger’s options, which might include a sale. Tillman, who bought Jaeger 8 years ago when it was losing profit revamped it with an earning of £7 million last year and plans to increase their international footprint.

since i suck at maths let alone be some financial person, it all seems a great idea. However, there is something about these investment group. looking at their overall past success, yupp al sounds good BUT lets just say, if i were a company owner, i would not put my company’s fate in them.  I think Tillman should go back to Swiss Bank UBS, which he appointed in 2008 to complete a strategic review og Jaeger.

Overall i do wish them all the success cause i kinda like some of their stuff. 

I just put up this ad cause Anja Rubik is on it lol. she’s been one of my ‘It’ models for sometime now.


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