The ‘WHAT was i thinkin’ and ‘LOVE @ 1st sight’…

24 Feb

Do you ever get that filling sometimes when you just wanna laugh at yourself? whether it’s for the things you did? or what you bought? well I do! all the time actually. 1 cause every single thing i do makes me go ‘really’?? and one of them is now. yupp, ok Do not judge but WE ALL have those things we look at n we go ‘gosh! what was I thinkin getting those!’ oh yah you know its true, well I’m going to show you two shoes that i bout A VERY VERY long time ago but still kept for memories sake and every time I see them i just laugh, but can’t bear to throw them!

The 1st was from ALDO , and in my defence! it seemed really reasonable at the time to get them, and the funny thing is, I actually went thru hell! to get those only to end up hurting me and tripping me every time i wore them (which was not a lot). I don’t remember a day I wore these and not fallen or tripped in the middle of the street, one time i was holding a hot drink I of course I was wearing them and I fell right in the middle of a busy city centre taking down my friend with me and spilling my drink on her! oh yes, just another reason to keep them…

Ahh yess and of course time to time you get those special, ‘where have you been all my life’ heels. well this ones are Kurt Geiger (obsessed with KG by the way) and they were my actual ‘love at first sight’, I remember I only went in with friends to check out the new collection and I didn’t even have money to be spending on no shoes but there they were, sitting with all their glories.

Had to have them, it was an absolute must! I mean after all, that all that matters right? it’s not even wearing the right clothes (sometimes is) but shoes make the outfit complete ahh they absolutely do! and even tho I went  FLAT BROKE after getting them but damn it was still worth it! money well spent. they are STILL one of my favourite!

so yah, and I still have some ‘really’???? ones but I think its in your eye’s best interest you don’t see them in fact one of them looks like a crying monster. Don’t even try to imagin it…


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