MFW Versace

26 Feb

Hello my beautiful fashionistas, i’m not a happy bunny today. My obsession with Versace begun a very very long time ago and ever since i was infected with the love bug, i’ve never been able to get better, in fact it worsens every season and for a good reason.

However now, i don’t really know what to say about this one, YES obviously this season still has the luscious, ‘look at me’, incredibly gorgeous gowns (as always!), but the beginning, it was a bit tad… yes the surprises are endless from this season’s MillanFW, those who i expected nothing but a scrap from end up pleasing me and my huge expectations keep getting pushed down, like Fendi. I think the garments in the beginning are what i should have seen on Fendi. I’m still VERY upset about that…Dont get me wrong, I’m still the good old obsessed lover of Versace and that wont ever change, but i think this particular one was a bit ‘serious’ as opposed to the fun, young, bright and girly collections in the past, omg even the shoes weren’t va va voom! no! not compared to her other ones. But, DV is never a complete let down as she always provides us with oscar worthy gowns like THESE!…she makes it soo hard to turn your back on her doesn’t she?

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