Oscars. Moment of Truth…

28 Feb

yess finally ready to love and hate the red carpet garments. i don’t wanna say a lot, just let the gowns speak for themselves.

Lets star of with colour, continue with Shimmer then move on to Black, Bold Choice and my Best Dressed Two worst dressed…

Red is as always an Oscar favourite. I think Anne ROCKED IT with Valentino who could literally do NO WRONG!!!! Sandra B looked equally Amazing and the Winters Bones star (next to Sandra B) was well…dull, i dont see anything exciting bout what she’s wearing…maybe next year.

Natalie Portman looked stunning with Rodarte…and SJ lookd…yah nice with D&G, i just don’t know if i like the material…

Ahh Shimmering and Glowing! All of them looked Ah-mazinggg. What did you thing of Tru Grit star Hailee S in Marchesa and Mandy M in Monique Lhuiller? and Gwyneth P and Hillary S looked GORGEOUSE with Gwyneth in CK classic…

Ahh yes! my coloure…BLACK! Loved Reese, whats her name…Sharon…loved the gown but hate that thing on her shoulder, and Christian B woo easy on that beard! wife looked nice tho

my Bold Choice would be Kate B in Givenchy, but i LOVE her not to like this, and i thing it worked out alright…i mean Different is good if done right.

Finally Best Dressed of the Oscars 2011 is…… GWYNETH PALTRO! rocking that CK. its a gown yet thers something soo different about it! i love everythig!! the colour, material, that straight shape on the front and she kept it soo simple with just straight hair and no other shinanigans…yes Defo Best Dressed! Well done bothe CK and GP.

And obviously the Oscars wouldn’t be the same without the clueless and style rebels. what are they thinking!?? my top 3 What the hell Were you Thinkings…

This happens all the time with Helena B! are you going to some kinda custom party??? and Michelle Williams? you’re not that bad but why do you insist on looking like a grandma! what is that?? and the diddle one with the gold and black…are you kidding me???? 

Worrst dressed out of these ridiculous 3? you guessed it. Helena B! sort yourself out!


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