Galliano’s Walk of Shame

1 Mar

So its official. He’s out and for good i hope. I’ve always been a fan of Galliano’s work, he’s creative, thinks outside the box and always creates the most beautiful outrageous gowns but that does not IN ANY WAY excuse the remarks he chose to make and then to actually file for definition??? In all honesty i was anxious to hear Dior’s decision about his future at the company to see if they would still keep him and quite frankly i would have been very disappointed because value and respect should come before ” who’s good for the company”. we all have our bad days, we all get provoked and none of us are saints however making offensive racial statements towards anyone? i for one think  is a disgrace and he got what was coming to him.

I am anxious to find out who Dior appoints as the new head designer and would they be as good as Gallioano? either way right decision has been made and I wish the fashion house all the luck… Show must go on.


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