Affordable Hotness

6 Mar

In light of yesterday’s post on Killer Heels With statements, which were well a bit out of (at least my) price range, i wanted to post these great ones, which i think are quite nice for their price.


KG is like my ultimate go to for hot stylish most awesome but affordable hotness but i am NOT seeing any eye-catching jaw dropping heels!!

For the record, these ARE NOT their best. Maybe they’re having an off month 😦

 River Island

Ok so there wasnt much to pick from. there were some nice ones but Did Not have the va va voom factor. Neither did these but, well…you get what you pay for dont u?


Not wooow but great for £69.99 £100.00

Love this one which is £84.99

Love this one which is £84.99

wow surprisingly there weren’t many to pick from either! what is happening to retailers?? lets just check what we got…



Like. £130.00

NOT this kind of shoe type at all but for £75.00 they're ok


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