Topshop heading to Canada

10 Mar

The successful British high street retailer is soon to open in Canada. After its successful debut in New York franchising deal with the retail group Hudson’s Bay Company, the Arcadia owned store is reported to be branching out to Canada. the HBC plans to open the first tree Topshops in Montreal and Vancouver which would then lead to 30 to 50 outlets in the next 5 years.

The first outlet is expected to open this Autumn in the Bay Toronto which would include menswear under Topman and Accessories. it is indicated that the store would be up to 15,000 square feet. HBC is reported  to have appointed David Kutas, a former  Gucci vise-president to lead the Topshop franchise.

I guess we will soon see if the NY success follows them to canada, but from the looks of it, Topshop have a very good reputation for being the undisputed high street retailers (at leat in UK) with a great success rate so, we shall be enlightened if Canada buys into their products.

All the luck.

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