Retailers getting over excited for royal wedding

12 Mar

M&S and John Lewis are closing on the morning of the royal weeding day which is friday the 29th and to top it off other retailers are considering to follow in that footstep.

Let me just say, what!? I get it’s the “wedding” of the i donno the decade? or century? but what is this got to do with retail?? making it a bank holiday?? so if i want to buy something from John Lewis that day and I’m only available in the morning, i would have to lose out??

This wedding is having a chemical effect on retailers. Just couple of weeks ago shops were getting über crazy on copying Kate’s blue dress and man! have i seen some really really bad copies! what is the matter with you all? i absolutely hate that when someone influential is seen wearing something and in days matter retailers come up with these ridiculous but ugly version of that dress. Be individual! creat something new and different! don’t copy of dresses that you obviously haven’t thought of in the 1st place! that is just desperate and lame.

So anyway, lets get back to the main point and ask once again, why do retailers have to shut their stores on that day?! i just dont understand, i mean i get if everyone from each store was invited but, in your dreams! you are not invited! so please get a grip.


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