Louis Vuitton means no joke

15 Mar

So here’s a funny story. Luxury brand LV is caught in a legal battle with a Danish artist Nadia Plesner. LV is claiming that Plesner’s Darfurnica piece, a painting with a Sudanic province Darfur shows a bag that looks like Vuitton’s Audra bag.

With the piece, Plesner wants to show her amazement about the coverage celebrities receive for wearing designer clothing in comparison with the conflict in Darfur. The judge however ruled in favor of LV with a penalty of 5000 euro per day the work is shown in the artist’s website , galleries or somewhere else.

Plesner pressed charges against LV and is fighting against violation of freedom of speech and artistic freedom.

Ok, just because a similar bag is on display, it does not mean it is the exact bag! and I’m sure I would’ve sued as well if i was a big time designer and my product was being imitated by some artist, but I’m not! therefore I’m in favour of the artist and her right to express herself in any way she chooses. There is a reason for ‘freedom of speech’. As long as it is not abused and is used correctly.


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