Sad reality for Gap

15 Mar

Gap is to close down 200 of its 900 worldwide stores by 2013. the sad news was announced by the CEO Glenn Murphy at the consumer conference which streamed live on the company website. Murphy said that this would actually alow ‘for a huge opportunity to fill in with trend-right products…’ (The Independent). Somehow not convincing.

Murphy however did admit that Gap had not done its best to attract ethnic minority customers in the US. (well that’s what happens when you insist in staying in you little bubble. unfortunately).

The company which was founded in 1969 by Don Fisher was originally called ‘The Gap’. The idea was to offer a simple casual clothing to bridge the gap between young fashion savvy and their parents.

I’m sorry to say this but i’m actually not surprised at this outcome, in fact i always wondered how they still kept going because the store is just plain. There is never anything interesting, no out-there marketing strategies and visual merchandising is always boring which is why i never shop there. If i want a simple casual but good stuff i would go to H&M but never Gap. maybe this is one of the areas of their mistakes, if they cater to younger audiences they should have worked a lot harder in offering products that young people are drawn to. Their clothes are just too too boring and old. Quality is not always guaranteed to sell if not aimed at the right consumer.  

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