Finally back!!!

11 Apr

Hello my beautiful fashionistas! Oh how great it feels to finally be here. Yes I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks for reasons I thought were quite serious, (well if you must know I think I was suffering from Writer’s Block. It Does Happen) and Yes I did refer myself as a writer, baby steps right? but I’m back now and we’ll be covering everything that’s happening in the fashion and retail world. Its enough that we’ve missed soo much already!
But before I go I’ve been dying to talk about D&G’s tax scandal but due to my “block” I was left to be amazed on my own. What did you think that they were freed of any legal battle due to “Lack of evidence” huh? See when you’re rich and influential this is what happens. When you’re charged with something concrete evidence “suddenly Disappears”. And for the record I do think they did it a lot of them do it BUT what’s money if it can’t talk when you need it.

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