Retail Therapy

13 Jun

Hey guys 😀 yup I’m back (again) and I want to start of by saying that today, Monday June the 13th marks the beginning of an incredible sale at Selfridges, WHICH by the way was voted the number one department store in the world. That’s right.
The sale is in all four stores and online and its up to 75%! From McQueen to Lanvin its all there!
So ladies make sure u stop by and well, max our your credit cards 😉 (Well don’t max it out but, Do so!). I’m sending out a bad massage aren’t I? Well what can I say when the two words, Selfridges and Sale are in a same sentence I kind of make exceptions.
I for one am not in a position to be shopping right now but that’s what I always say before I walk into the store and the second I’m in I forget everything and the world is beautiful again.
And yes I tried everything (actually I didn’t) to try and tone down my habit of shopping but it gets me one way or another. I really haven’t learnt anything from Confessions of a Shopaholic (great movie by the way). Although I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic (thank God) no I would like to use the word enthusiastic shopper. Yes.
So I will once again warn my self and Only go in to “have a look” and just walk around (ya right) and we shall see what happens by the end of the day.
Enjoy 😉


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