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Capsule Collection by Jimmy Choo

15 Jun

Jimmy Choo is to launch a capsule collection which consists of its most recognised and famous styles. The collection also includes some pieces we have seen in the past including  the feather piece worn by Bradshaw in Sex and the City and favourites of Hillary Swank and  Natalie Portman.

The capsule collection will go with a new tome including celebrity pictures, sketches and of course famous fashion name contributors. I for one am not a huge Jimmy Choo fan, although i do like the handbag collections; but to anyone who likes the label, this should be good.

Big Night for Kors

15 Jun

Last night at the amFAR awards Michael Kors was given Award of Courage in acknowledgment to his work towards ending AIDS. The honor which was presented at the gala event was held at the Museum of Modern Arts in New York and audiences included Heidi Klum, Chanel Iman, Alek Wek and many more. Way to go Michael.


Retail Therapy 2

14 Jun

Ok first of apologies for my timing. I don’t know why I’m posting at these god forsaking hours. And second, YUP! Great it was! And what was you ask? The sale I posted about yesterday in Selfridges.
For a second there I forgot it was selfridges because of all the stocks out in the open like that with no regards for how they looked (Selfridges has always been discreet and quite elegant in ways products are displayed) but not this time! No.
BUT (and that’s a big but as you can see) let’s just say that this wasn’t an ordinary sale I mean My God! Like not a very good looking Prada heels for £450?? and that’s the sale price! yah yah I get it! Its “designer” stuff whatever! The only thing my eyes are set on is the Ugly heel for £450 not the Prada part! I mean come on great looking KG heels were like £80 something and they were much hotter believe me. (Brands can be a B+*#* sometimes) So after I went through all the McQueen products to the Lang and Westwood and so on with anger (whilst still trying to understand how on earth they could call a £600 top a “sale”) I moved on to the rather more humble section like All Saints and Topshop and PB etc… I was not disappointed 😉 no no Warehouse was amazing, always been a fan and didn’t disappoint this time either and although I don’t usually shop in Oasis I found my self buying three tops from there some jewels from warehouse and so on. So over all it was ok (wish it was still cheaper. Yes cheaper I am still a student after all) but did manage to find great things at a reduced price. What else can a girl ask for right?(Well a lot of things actually) but that’s not the point here no. So I took some pictures of the chaotic mess but its almost 5 in the morning and I’m tired and I just want to SLEEP! Otherwise I’m going to feel grumpy all day and we don’t want that do we? No.
So Good Morning to you all and have a great Tuesday 😉

Retail Therapy

13 Jun

Hey guys 😀 yup I’m back (again) and I want to start of by saying that today, Monday June the 13th marks the beginning of an incredible sale at Selfridges, WHICH by the way was voted the number one department store in the world. That’s right.
The sale is in all four stores and online and its up to 75%! From McQueen to Lanvin its all there!
So ladies make sure u stop by and well, max our your credit cards 😉 (Well don’t max it out but, Do so!). I’m sending out a bad massage aren’t I? Well what can I say when the two words, Selfridges and Sale are in a same sentence I kind of make exceptions.
I for one am not in a position to be shopping right now but that’s what I always say before I walk into the store and the second I’m in I forget everything and the world is beautiful again.
And yes I tried everything (actually I didn’t) to try and tone down my habit of shopping but it gets me one way or another. I really haven’t learnt anything from Confessions of a Shopaholic (great movie by the way). Although I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic (thank God) no I would like to use the word enthusiastic shopper. Yes.
So I will once again warn my self and Only go in to “have a look” and just walk around (ya right) and we shall see what happens by the end of the day.
Enjoy 😉

Finally back!!!

11 Apr

Hello my beautiful fashionistas! Oh how great it feels to finally be here. Yes I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks for reasons I thought were quite serious, (well if you must know I think I was suffering from Writer’s Block. It Does Happen) and Yes I did refer myself as a writer, baby steps right? but I’m back now and we’ll be covering everything that’s happening in the fashion and retail world. Its enough that we’ve missed soo much already!
But before I go I’ve been dying to talk about D&G’s tax scandal but due to my “block” I was left to be amazed on my own. What did you think that they were freed of any legal battle due to “Lack of evidence” huh? See when you’re rich and influential this is what happens. When you’re charged with something concrete evidence “suddenly Disappears”. And for the record I do think they did it a lot of them do it BUT what’s money if it can’t talk when you need it.

Louis Vuitton means no joke

15 Mar

So here’s a funny story. Luxury brand LV is caught in a legal battle with a Danish artist Nadia Plesner. LV is claiming that Plesner’s Darfurnica piece, a painting with a Sudanic province Darfur shows a bag that looks like Vuitton’s Audra bag.

With the piece, Plesner wants to show her amazement about the coverage celebrities receive for wearing designer clothing in comparison with the conflict in Darfur. The judge however ruled in favor of LV with a penalty of 5000 euro per day the work is shown in the artist’s website , galleries or somewhere else.

Plesner pressed charges against LV and is fighting against violation of freedom of speech and artistic freedom.

Ok, just because a similar bag is on display, it does not mean it is the exact bag! and I’m sure I would’ve sued as well if i was a big time designer and my product was being imitated by some artist, but I’m not! therefore I’m in favour of the artist and her right to express herself in any way she chooses. There is a reason for ‘freedom of speech’. As long as it is not abused and is used correctly.

Sad reality for Gap

15 Mar

Gap is to close down 200 of its 900 worldwide stores by 2013. the sad news was announced by the CEO Glenn Murphy at the consumer conference which streamed live on the company website. Murphy said that this would actually alow ‘for a huge opportunity to fill in with trend-right products…’ (The Independent). Somehow not convincing.

Murphy however did admit that Gap had not done its best to attract ethnic minority customers in the US. (well that’s what happens when you insist in staying in you little bubble. unfortunately).

The company which was founded in 1969 by Don Fisher was originally called ‘The Gap’. The idea was to offer a simple casual clothing to bridge the gap between young fashion savvy and their parents.

I’m sorry to say this but i’m actually not surprised at this outcome, in fact i always wondered how they still kept going because the store is just plain. There is never anything interesting, no out-there marketing strategies and visual merchandising is always boring which is why i never shop there. If i want a simple casual but good stuff i would go to H&M but never Gap. maybe this is one of the areas of their mistakes, if they cater to younger audiences they should have worked a lot harder in offering products that young people are drawn to. Their clothes are just too too boring and old. Quality is not always guaranteed to sell if not aimed at the right consumer.