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MFW Pucci, Never a Letdown!

1 Mar

oh wow! i cant tell you how relieved i am to finally see something more that i expected! i Love pucci, and i really needed this! SCORE!! let me sup up by saying i wish i had 95% of the pieces showed. Actually all!!  Pucci’s always fed my thirst for the wow factor appeal, flattering silhouettes, sleek, chic and SEXY! finally Thank you!


MFW Missoni + Just Cavalli. Shocking surprises keep on coming.

1 Mar

what happened to Missoni?? they used to be sleek and the garments were flattering. who is supposed to wear that my grandma?? I understand they are a family business but it is in no was an excuse!!  i miss the shows from 2004 to 2006! now THOSE were Missoni. However there is still that hint of material and  that they’re great for but not demonstrated greatly. Not happy at all! and what is that animal skin coat with that print????

Just Cavalli

I am absolutely tremendously stund! i had such high hopes for Cavalli, i mean he was one of my ‘Never Let Down’ designers! i’m not even going to talk about the clothes, they are just NOT HIM! this is a shock even more that Fendi. Its irritating. Just Cavalli was soo young, perky and fun!!..Now Misson doesn’t look so bad after all.

MFW Blumarine, No More Bad Surprises!

26 Feb

what is happening??? A complete and utter Let Down! yes Blumarine, you have disappointed me! ok let’s try to understand what on earth urged you to behave like this…1st is this the 60s, 70s or the 80s? i can’t even tell.  2nd if you wanna step away from what i believe was your awesome trademark which by the way was  fun, lively, playful and energetic, you do it sloowwllyy, not like this! 3rd, colour blocking? yes its all about colour blocking but you were good at doing that even before, but with an interesting twist! don’t get me wrong, i really really like some of the pieces,they were quite chic i just don’t know if it represents Blumarin…What have we come to!?

Please lovely fashionistas, i urge you to check out some of her past collections, and judge if its HER,ya i get the whole ‘get out of your shell and try something different’ bla bla but…well, i mean even the models look bored and Coco Rocha looks kinda scary…

Please No More bad surprises! now I’m quit scared for Paris! i just don’t know what to expect anymore!

MFW Versace

26 Feb

Hello my beautiful fashionistas, i’m not a happy bunny today. My obsession with Versace begun a very very long time ago and ever since i was infected with the love bug, i’ve never been able to get better, in fact it worsens every season and for a good reason.

However now, i don’t really know what to say about this one, YES obviously this season still has the luscious, ‘look at me’, incredibly gorgeous gowns (as always!), but the beginning, it was a bit tad… yes the surprises are endless from this season’s MillanFW, those who i expected nothing but a scrap from end up pleasing me and my huge expectations keep getting pushed down, like Fendi. I think the garments in the beginning are what i should have seen on Fendi. I’m still VERY upset about that…Dont get me wrong, I’m still the good old obsessed lover of Versace and that wont ever change, but i think this particular one was a bit ‘serious’ as opposed to the fun, young, bright and girly collections in the past, omg even the shoes weren’t va va voom! no! not compared to her other ones. But, DV is never a complete let down as she always provides us with oscar worthy gowns like THESE!…she makes it soo hard to turn your back on her doesn’t she?

MFW Gianfranco Ferre

25 Feb

Ohh my! I’ve always had good expectations from Ferre but this went over and beyond. the simplicity of it all just added class to it. The icy colour pallets and lustrous materials were Sleek and ohh soo smooth!

 I would not oppose to havingeverysingpiecin the collection. If only…I evenve the runway!

MFW Max Mara

25 Feb

Effortless Chic and Neat. love love love the tranquil colours, its serene and composed. very different from all the bright and chaotic colourse we’ve seen lately.

MFW Prada + Etro

25 Feb

Prada for me this season, as I’ve said earlier was a beautiful surprise (only to some extent). i’m not an enthusiastic fan but some of the pieces were ‘quite nice’.  i love the colours and the (fish effect should i say)? the  goldfish looking dress was on one of my favourites. Still, the garments at the beginning were a ‘no’ for me, i didn’t like the huge ‘sheep’ looking coats and the Aviator style hats.  the styles are not young or fun, just quite and calm (which i do like sometimes) but not on prada. these were towards the end…



well, ok… not their best, but some were nice, there’s a lot of print this season, its a bit like Zandra Rhodes. what i liked bout this collection is that, while i’m in no way a ‘print’ person i found myself really liking these.  two of the black dresses i absolutely LOVED so they did something right 😉