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MFW Fendi

25 Feb

My surrise…

hmm ok, i used to be a sucker for Fendi, or anything that Karl Lagerfeld is involved in, whether its Chanel or the Lagerfed gallery, However, can i just say that, I’m not really pleased with this one! i mean, Fendi’s sleek and classic look is not in here. I do like some of the pieces, but I think i’d been more ok with this if I’ve seen it on Prada.  funny thing is, i’m not a fan of Prada cause i think some of the clothes are abit oldish, but i quite liked it this season. i guess lowering my expectations paid off. Back to Fendi, I’m not liking the orange tights either…

MFW D&G + Albetra Ferretti

25 Feb


okk lets start with D&G. 1st off, they NEVER seas to amaze me! i just absolutely love the chaos of it all, i mean are they trying for the messy 80s? if  so it worked! i love the colour clashes, layers of outfits in one go with god knows how many colours! funny thing is, this kinds stuff is the least like my kinda style but somehow they got my attention. As they always do. 🙂



one of the reasons, actually the MAIN reason i liked some of these looks is because i’m a huge huge fan of anything that even remotely resembles the 20s. The Art Deco is one of my favourite art movements and some of the pieces in Ferretti’s collections, like the flapper sequins, which were  kind of like back to the innocent  and glamour age. the firs four, with the hint of 20s are absolutely beautiful.

MFW Gucci

24 Feb

Ah YES, the sexy vixen with a hint of prettiness, is I think Gucci’s trademark. Frida’s garments have always  given a sence of  power and superiority, that’s what I always feel like when I see (Not wear unfortunately) her shows anyway. and of course the dark colours in different shades just inject taste and class as Always. see for yourself.

Milan Fashion Week!

23 Feb

Milan Fashion Week has officially started! I am actually lookin forward to Every single Day!!! Can’t wait to be impressed 😉