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PFW McQueen. Too good to be conventional.

9 Mar

Creative director Sarah Burton continues to add her own flare to the label with immense creations of mixtures of goth-like vixens to raw ice queens. Her inventive ways of perfect detailing with fur trims, feathers and leather paneling is on full display with every single piece looking absolutely gorgeous and striking.

God I Love McQueen.


PFW Viktor&Rolf + John Galliano

7 Mar

Vikto & Rolf are not just fashion designers they are innovators. their designs are soo artistic and full of avant-garde ideas, i donno where they get it from and how they never run out of ideas to further amuse us. their garments are Art pieces on their own.

The red face idea was both creepy and genius…


ahh you gotta admit the guys is pretty talented. the pieces were so romantic with the 20s as an inspiration. they were classic and featured all the staples of his well-known eminent glamour and dramatic sellouts; .

The show was made like a presentation and with a massive public fall out we’ll soon be enlightened of the designers future in the industry on whether he’d still make sales.

Talk about self distraction…

PFW Dior

4 Mar

In light of the whole Gallioano mess up, the show started with a speech from one of the Excs and of course it went on as usual. 

 signature romantic Parisian flare was on full display throughout the brining and middle of the show with so many different pieces all at once and with color pallets like Gothic black, emerald-green and deep burgundy, while slowly sliding in lighter colours.  Towards the end were the gowns which sat somewhere between lingerie and evening wear. bet could use them for both…

PFW Zac Posen

3 Mar

ok for a dude who is only at his second season at PFW he’s definitely moving up the ladder and with good speed. His looks are very sharp and form-fitting, with sexy silhouette gowns. Its very up class and uptight (but still hooot). it would have been my greatest pleasure to show all of them as you’ll understand why i meant uptight, with the garments around the beginning and towards the middle but it wouldn’t be as great a pleasure as showing you these gowns!!!

shall we??Jordan and Carmen looking innocently poised while Coco and Carlie inject sex appeal…

PFW Glam+Attitude=Balmain

3 Mar

Ohhhh Balmain  What words could possibly describe Balmain!? such effortless and rebellious elegance. The sequined tops and pants along with the added bonus of casualty and simplicity were so refreshingly chic. there is such an attitude in every piece, and with the rock and roll look fully on display; Balmain is set to steal every rocker hicks attention and heart.

Paris Fashion Week

2 Mar

Paris fashion week has finally arrived yesterday with all its glories! yes it has! started yesterday March 1st with Fatima Lopez  and ends on the 9th (yes they get 9 days) with Louis Vuitton. The expectations are high and the anticipations are over the roof! Ok no more talk and lets get down to business!

what did you think of Hakaan? i loved it. it was sleek in a ‘bad chick’ kind of way. it had appeal, attitude and it was in some way dark, which was freakishly refreshing.

Absolutely loving the second dress. Well done.

Who Here is Excited bout Paris Fashion Week???

22 Feb

okk not to spoile the LFW mood n all but who can’t wait for PFW??? from pret-a-porter to  Couture! ahh dono bout you all but I AM’!!! seeing all my fav designers especially for the Couture shows! 😀 😀 😀

I’ll put the schedule soon! 😀