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LFW Burberry Prorsum

22 Feb

tell me if you wouldn’t want one of these coats in your wardrob…they were absolutely chic. it’s a masculine overpowering look with a girlish twist but that’s what I love about it. even more, I’m happy to see them in colours as just going for that green military look would’ve been kinda boring and old. Gosh colour is really taking over this season…one coment I have would be, I would’ve liked  to see something else other than just coats. butoverall…Impresive.

LFW Paul Smith

22 Feb

ok I didn’t really like the collection cause it was a bit oldish for my liking however  i did like some of the preppy uptight  look. You gotta love your own 😉 I think it’s quite empowering and seductive in some way.   I loved the hair do tho.

LFW Christopher Kane

22 Feb

hmmm ok(ish) not really my kinda style. Yes i do love art and creativity is key element but, personally I like to see garments that are actually wearable (leaving aside McQueen). i gotta say tho im kinda disappointed cause i was actually looking forward to his collections. I DO  like the creativity. but it’s also a bit granmaish for me. well, judge for


I kinda like this...

LFW David Koma!

22 Feb

First and foremost LOOK @ the SHOES!!!!!!! this collection SCREAMS out my name! just for the simple fact that he mainly used black aside many many other things. I think this collection is the epiphany of  elegance and flair. Its chic and sexy with a huge sence of sophistication. and a hint of these red, yellow and blue colours  just added playfulness to it. All i can say is WELL DONE! for those of you lucky individuals who actually have the means to purchase them, they’re stocked at  Brown Focus and London Harrods.

damn. I could really do with some of these clothes.

LFW Monday shows

21 Feb

later tonight i’ll be lookin at todays shows, some great ones as well. David Koma was on at 9:45, we’ll also look at Christopher Kane, Paul Smith, Julian Macdonald, and of course Burberry, which is about to go on in 45 mins.

so for now i really got to go! and try to do this report. and get this! this report is about the marketing mix on three retailer, from low-value to luxury brand. we are supposed to talk about all the characteristics in all the “4Ps”  with only 3000 words!!!!! n I! have gone up to 5000!!!! there’s so much to include if you wanna get a better mark n explain throughly and how am I supposed to do that with only 3000! n don’t forget, there  is Into, conclusion, some definitions! so ya, now I gotta go n cut of all the things I’ve written! Wish me luck.

LFW Matthew Williamson!!!

21 Feb

okk, right now what i should really be doing is finnish of my Marketing Mix report, but NO! not before MW! he showcased on 20th (Sunday)! I personally think this was quite different from his other collections.  recent ones are more of  like classy lookin, all made up, n he usually uses Camel n goldish looking Silver colours with Dark blues. but im absolutely loving this one cause of the colour transformation, from bright pinkish, to this monochrome looking black and white (or black and silver), n a lil hit of dark blue ina middle. N ahh n the clothes!

LFW Sturday ISSA

20 Feb

”ISSA is all about effortless glamour and our signature belted jersey takes you from work to cocktails whilst making women feel confident comfortable and sexy”. Daniella Issa Haleyal. i think this quote pretty much sums up the collection. I’ll let u be the judge…