Gola’s two shoes ideas

12 Mar

Sportswear brand Gola Classic is launching its spring ad campaign at the end of this month. The ad has ‘Classic with a twist’ tag which they have used in previous campaigns.

Sorry but what?? this is no ad, this is boring! all they have is Two shoes in different colours! who wants a pair of shoes in 20 different colours?? that’s just boring. there might be diversity in colour but NOT the main point, which is the Shoes! its like they ran out of ideas so they just doodled colourful lines with two shoe styles!

Retailers getting over excited for royal wedding

12 Mar

M&S and John Lewis are closing on the morning of the royal weeding day which is friday the 29th and to top it off other retailers are considering to follow in that footstep.

Let me just say, what!? I get it’s the “wedding” of the i donno the decade? or century? but what is this got to do with retail?? making it a bank holiday?? so if i want to buy something from John Lewis that day and I’m only available in the morning, i would have to lose out??

This wedding is having a chemical effect on retailers. Just couple of weeks ago shops were getting über crazy on copying Kate’s blue dress and man! have i seen some really really bad copies! what is the matter with you all? i absolutely hate that when someone influential is seen wearing something and in days matter retailers come up with these ridiculous but ugly version of that dress. Be individual! creat something new and different! don’t copy of dresses that you obviously haven’t thought of in the 1st place! that is just desperate and lame.

So anyway, lets get back to the main point and ask once again, why do retailers have to shut their stores on that day?! i just dont understand, i mean i get if everyone from each store was invited but, in your dreams! you are not invited! so please get a grip.

Gemma Arterton looking young and fresh as new face of G-Star.

10 Mar

The Beautiful British star Gemma Arterton is the new face of G-Star’s SS 11 ad campaign. the campaign was shot in Marseille by fotographer Anton Corbijn.

The star reveals “I’ve always loved the G Star campaigns and am really really thrilled to work with the brand. The brand is ultra modern, cool and unusual. It’s very different to any jean brand, its raw and fresh”.

Loving her in the ads. She looks refreshingly great.

Topshop heading to Canada

10 Mar

The successful British high street retailer is soon to open in Canada. After its successful debut in New York franchising deal with the retail group Hudson’s Bay Company, the Arcadia owned store is reported to be branching out to Canada. the HBC plans to open the first tree Topshops in Montreal and Vancouver which would then lead to 30 to 50 outlets in the next 5 years.

The first outlet is expected to open this Autumn in the Bay Toronto which would include menswear under Topman and Accessories. it is indicated that the store would be up to 15,000 square feet. HBC is reported  to have appointed David Kutas, a former  Gucci vise-president to lead the Topshop franchise.

I guess we will soon see if the NY success follows them to canada, but from the looks of it, Topshop have a very good reputation for being the undisputed high street retailers (at leat in UK) with a great success rate so, we shall be enlightened if Canada buys into their products.

All the luck.

PFW McQueen. Too good to be conventional.

9 Mar

Creative director Sarah Burton continues to add her own flare to the label with immense creations of mixtures of goth-like vixens to raw ice queens. Her inventive ways of perfect detailing with fur trims, feathers and leather paneling is on full display with every single piece looking absolutely gorgeous and striking.

God I Love McQueen.

Blake Lively for Chanel

8 Mar

So what do you think of Blake Lively representing the Mademoiselle handbags? well it really doesn’t matter cause she’s already been chosen personally by the man himself, Karl Lagerfeld, who called her, quote ‘an American dream girl’.  Damn good to be Blake right now.

It ahs been reported that Lively passed on other modeling opportunities, saying, ‘Thank you so much but i am holding out for Chanel’. I would be too if Lagerfeld personally chose me to be the face of Freakin Chanel!

I think the campaign is gonna be successful. she’s just got that ‘thing’, that thing that makes you wanna keep looking at her, charming and easy-going.

Well for those of you fans, you wont have to wait long to see the remaining art as it’ll be on newsstands later this months, till then though, photos have already been released.

PFW Viktor&Rolf + John Galliano

7 Mar

Vikto & Rolf are not just fashion designers they are innovators. their designs are soo artistic and full of avant-garde ideas, i donno where they get it from and how they never run out of ideas to further amuse us. their garments are Art pieces on their own.

The red face idea was both creepy and genius…


ahh you gotta admit the guys is pretty talented. the pieces were so romantic with the 20s as an inspiration. they were classic and featured all the staples of his well-known eminent glamour and dramatic sellouts; .

The show was made like a presentation and with a massive public fall out we’ll soon be enlightened of the designers future in the industry on whether he’d still make sales.

Talk about self distraction…